Why Us


  1. One of the longest established schools in South Africa (1994) and the most experienced instructors in South Africa. South African National Protea team members 1993, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017.
  2. High Instructor to student ratio, with 3 full time instructors.
  3. State of the art certified gliders and harnesses for all levels.
  4. All equipment and training procedures comply with SAHPA operations and procedure regulations.
  5. The best and safest training sites in South Africa.
  6. Overseas and local training for all levels.
  7. Overseas and local guided holidays.
  8. Large range of new and used equipment.First Flights from the Map
  9. Clean and friendly accommodation, set in wonderful country side and close to pristine beaches.
  10. School, shop and accommodation all in the same facility

If you are considering another paragliding school ask them the following questions:

  1. Do you have full time instructors or is this a part time job, and how many instructors?
  2. For my own safety do you train on "Training Certified" gliders only?
  3. Do you use SAHPA certified harnesses on all training flights for maximum pilot protection?
  4. Do you use a radio to communicate with me on all flights?
  5. Do you train at training sites that allowa gradual progression of skills i.e. from a sand dune to a hill launch in laminar winds, to a thermic site? Student Landing at the Map
  6. Do you train at a friendly training site, i.e. large launch areas, no rocks to trip over etc?
  7. Do you train at a friendly training site with safe landing areas i.e. plenty of space with no obstacles?
  8. Is the school located on a beautiful piece of coast line allowing me to enjoy other activities, during the day and evening?
  9. Do you have accommodation facilities which create a fun and friendly atmosphere to learn in ?
  10. Do you have a high ratio of flyable days, so as to avoid wasted time?
  11. Does the fee include absolutely everything I need to receive my license ie no hidden costs?